Monday, July 14, 2008

Road Block at Jalan Parlimen

1. This afternoon I was on my way to KL. Right after Jalan Duta toll, there are a several policeman doing a road block. I though it was normal but when I reached the junction to exit to Jalan Parlimen, there is another road block. Hmm.. something was not right here. So I switch to an alternatif route which I'm not familiar. At last I saw another junction to Jalan Parlimen. Once again the road is closed. So I have to take a left turn. Only God knows where I'm heading to. Then I meet again with another road block. Hey, what happened here.

2. When I reached my office, my colleague told me that they might be some demonstration going to happen at Parlimen so that's why they are proactively doing a road block. Aiyoo.. make our life much much more difficult. Some more with oil price hike and public transport not enough, I have no choice. I have to travel to KL since my home is far from the town. I could not afford to buy a house in KL. Too expensive. The easiest way for me is to drive to KL if I want to reach there early. Some more this afternoon the rain is quiet heavy. Doesn't it we wasted our car fuel because we need to take long cut and stuck in a jammed? People like me where I have to travel to do my work is really a burden since the oil price has increase.

3. I understand that the oil price are base on global market demand. Nothing much we can do to reduce it. Maybe what the goverment can do to help us is to upgrade our public transport, encourage the commercial industries or commercial transport to use the hybrid engine or find alternatif for using oil as main energy resouce. This is the root couse of all others goods increase. The transportation cost to move goods to the consumer increase is impacting the goods final price. Maybe our government should study this and analyse the effect.

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