Saturday, February 28, 2009

New path in my life...

I just come back from a training at one of the coolest place in Malaysia. Now I'm not working as employee anymore since no one willing to take me as their employee :D. Maybe this is what I'm suppose to do now. I'm now a self employed and I know that this road is really though for me and I have to work very hard to survive.

One thing that I learn from the training that I attended last week was "dare to dream" and you will get your success one day. There is no limit how much you want but if you really work hard, "berdoa" and "bertawakkal", InsyaAllah there is a future for you.

This is my first step to go further and with my believe, confident and work hard, ALLAH swt will show me the way. Believe in 3 things; everyone has their own success but you have to find it (rezeki di tangan Allah), believe in yourself and you will success and believe in what you doing now.

My new job is simple, help people when they needed most..

Ingat 5 perkara sebelum 5 perkara:
1. sihat sebelum sakit
2. muda sebelum tua
3. senang sebelum susah
4. kaya sebelum miskin
5. hidup sebelum mati


nhanania said...

coolest place tu kt mn kak meg? xmo stoli moli tmpt coolest place tu? cameron kah?

ctnormegawati said...

hihi.. tak.. genting highland daa.. tapi tak de la cool sgt pun.. kalo dapat peluang gi greece ka, switzerland ka baru la best noo..